Two essential character traits for today’s selling environment

In today’s slower economy, the tension between a salesperson’s need to close a sale and the customer’s concern over buying the best product at the best price is more pronounced than ever.

What's Your Value?

We talk a lot in these pages and online at about improving the performance of others — coaching individuals up

Bulova’s Precisionist Watch Winner

From the Precisionist Champlain Collection.

Know when to walk away from a sale

Far too often, salespeople chase a low-value lead that will never pan out.

Clarifying questions

People who had been “job-matched” in the first six months with appropriate sales positions outperformed, to a statistically significant degree, those who had not been job-matched. Moreover, the differences widened after 14 months.


I know that seems mundane to many of you, but I feel a little more grown up. A little more professional. A little more empowered.

Sales Training Without Accountability Is Pointless

Sales training is great. Many of the hundreds of companies that provide sales training do a great job. Their content is dynamic. Their speakers are inspiring. And their track record is impeccable. Their sales training teaches valuable skills and produces immediate results.

How Sales Is Changing Before Our Eyes

5 Tips for Smarter Email Use By Sales Pros

1. Don’t let email control you

The CMO Is Dead

I have some sad news: the chief marketing officer is dead.

The enhanced role of the elevator speech

The Coolest Sales and Leadership Strategy - Ever

Are Your Salespeople Afraid?

I know, it sounds a bit silly. Afraid of what?

Well, here is the thing. In my experience, many salespeople are actually afraid of rejection. Why?