The Evolution of Social Selling

Feeding the Marketing Content Pipeline

The marketing content pipeline is closely related to, yet distinct from the sales pipeline. By delivering the right content via the pipeline, marketers are able to interface with customers early on in the lead generation process and then continue to feed salespeople with the materials they need throughout the sales effort.

The New Look of Offsites

A tribal approach to sizing up prospects

'Customer First' Must Be More Than A Mantra

Create Value to Avoid Discounting

When does 1 percent equal 11 percent? You think “Never!” but this isn’t fuzzy math. It’s the impact you can have by changing your discounting.

The Sales Profession's Bill of Rights

Today’s sales world has changed. An unstable economy has forced corporate layoffs and other cost-cutting measures to reduce overhead, and financial uncertainty has been a catalyst in the demise of salaried sales jobs that are being replaced with a burgeoning pay-for-performance sales model in an effort to make sales departments more productive, efficient and cost-effective.

B2B sales is not obsolete!

Peter Drucker famously said that the job of marketing is to make sales obsolete. The conventional wisdom is that it’s starting to happen. Whether you call the process a funnel, a life cycle or a decision journey, marketing is said to be taking over the early and middle stages and pushing sales into a marginal role at the end, where contracts are negotiated and signed.

Your Top Performers May Be the Least Engaged

Sales insights from a gentleman thief

A recent New Yorker feature on Apollo Robbins described the Las Vegas-based entertainer as a “theatrical pickpocket” who, in pursuit of his craft, has incorporated principles from aikido, sales and Latin ballroom dancing. The sales part left us curious (OK, the aikido and ballroom dancing did, too), so we gave him a call.

Top Performers - May-June

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Product Review - May-June

Research continues to mount that money is not the primary motivator in the workplace — not even for salespeople. This is especially true once salespeople advance in their career and achieve a comfortable salary level through established clients and a solid commission-structured system.

Gaming the system

Few things produce a collective groan – audible or otherwise –from an offsite group than the simple phrase, “We’re going to play a little game.” Many would opt for something as sinister as a performance review rather than be forced into having “fun” with coworkers.

Offsites as relationship-building opportunities

Companies head offsite for a meeting when the task at hand is extra important. Getting away from the office can stimulate creative thinking and reinforce the magnitude of a meeting’s objectives.

You should always ask. The worst they can say is ‘no.’”

Benchmark Hospitality International, a leading hospitality management company that operates 39 award-winning hotels, resorts and conference centers, issues an annual meeting trends report each year that gets widely discussed among industry professionals. Here are some highlights from this year’s list.
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