Going viral is only half the job

Eight out of 10 companies report they have posted videos to their Website in an effort to provide information about the company and its products and services. Thirty-four percent of survey respondents saying they track the number of video views as a measure of success.

Create your own dream team

7 Story Mistakes

Who cares? - People care about real people, not abstract companies. If you don’t talk about how people were affected, people will forget your story.
Boring - Sell the problem before the solution. A story needs conflict to give it meaning.

Facts alone aren’t enough

› Neuroscience proves that we need both the rational and emotional part of the brain to make good decisions.
› Without emotions, customers would not be able to make a buying decision.
› Because stories incorporate not only facts, but also emotions, they are better at inspiring customers to buy.
Marketing implications:

To Discount Or Not?

It’s the all-too-familiar statement that sales managers hear from their salespeople: “I need to give my client this discount or we’ll lose the job. We’ll make up the margin on higher volume from the client.”

8 Things to Consider When Investing in Marketing Automation Software

Successful marketing increasingly depends on well-timed, relevant and proven content being delivered to prospects. The trend of buyers researching products well before they engage with a representative is only going to increase. This, combined with the sheer volume of marketing communications and vehicles, has led to an ever-growing need for marketing automation and lifecycle tools.

Great Expectations: Marketing Automation Delivers on the Promise to Grow Sales Revenue

The question for 2013 is not so much what is the state of marketing automation, but rather, what difference does marketing automation make to a company’s growth? We call this Revenue Marketing, which means marketing is making a measurable contribution to revenue. This is the ultimate promise of marketing automation, from which sales and marketing teams benefit most.

Time to Adapt to a New Sales Environment

'No' Can Kick-Start the Sales Call

Objections can cause doubt and confusion for prospects and salespeople. This can frustrate your team members and cause them to avoid objections. But as you know, objection avoidance can lead to fewer sales.

Balancing the Consultant and Strategist Roles

There was a time when a salesperson could fulfill a unified role as a vendor, trusted advisor and challenger. But today’s hypercompetitive market requires the salesperson to play two distinct yet complementary roles – that of Consultant to the customer and Strategist to both the customer and his or her own organization.

The Age of Social Network Selling

A new approach to selling has developed through the use of social networking sites. Social networks allow sales representatives to generate stronger leads, eliminate the gatekeeper from the process and set up solid appointments to introduce their products or services.

Why Should They Buy From Us?

In 15 years of analyzing company perceptions about their own customer values based on blind surveys, we have turned up a disturbing finding: in our study of over 100 organizations, less than 5 percent of companies actually “sell” what’s most valued by their customers.

Delivering On the Brand Promise

Why Trust Matters More Than Ever

I’ve been involved in winning business in the recessions of every decade since the 1970s. During all that time, there has never been a tougher environment for anyone who needs to win business than the present day. It’s not the recession that’s different; things may feel difficult but there have been worse recessions in my business lifetime.