What’s an App Cost?

AppMuse is a marketing services company that’s in the business of hooking up those who have an idea for an app with those who can develop it. The question they hear more than any other: What’s it gonna’ cost?

Lessons on leading those less boisterous

The sales world is overpopulated with extroverts. In fact, a knack for talking is what steered a lot of sales reps into their profession. But every now and then, an introvert sneaks into the ranks.

Prove the value of events or you’ll lose them

An increasing number of business-to-business companies have recently developed seminars, trade shows or other offsite events within their industry as a new revenue stream.

A mass market doesn’t automatically mean a mass customer base

To unleash the power of innovation to capture big markets, what matters is not how big any existing market is, but how many people are wrestling with a problem that no current offering solves, says Robyn Bolton, a principal at Innosight, a growth and innovation consulting firm.

Are employees ‘owed’ for sticking it out?

As the economy starts to improve, workplace surveys reveal that the average worker feels they deserve to be rewarded for remaining with their employer, taking on the work of others as downsizing occurred, and dealing with the gener

Tips for Better E-Mails

E-mail remains one of the most effective marketing tools for most businesses. It’s easy to automate and highly efficient at bringing in qualified new leads.

Keeping the fire hose from drowning you

Big changes - start small...right away

Leaders make great speeches about new visions and changes of direction. Resources are allocated to make these happen — training, analyses, etc. — but too often, six months or a year down the road, things are pretty much the same.

Create Conflict to Move Your Team Forward

If you want to develop a sales team that dominates its market, you’ll go out of your way to nurture and fan the flames of conflict whenever they arise, says consultant Paul McCord (powerreferralselling.com).

Trustability test

How will your company fare in the era of trustability? One indicator is how you’d answer these questions based on how things work at your company.

  • Has your company ever considered the possible benefits of making any of your intellectual property — patents, copyrights, proprietary information, etc. — more generally available to outsiders?

What product can you tie in with?

“Why the heck is that in here?” she asked.

She answered her own question the next time we went grocery shopping when she asked for a box of the same granola bars.

Finding the Employee Ignition Switch

If your brand’s position in the market leaves something to be desired, it’s natural to look at any number of areas for improvement – everything from the effectiveness of your management team to the impact of your marketing dollars and where you’re spending them.

6 Sales Assumptions That Have Big Costs

Assumptions are full of risk. If your sales team assumes, for example, that they know their clients’ needs, they will direct their actions and resources toward addressing those needs. But what if their assumptions are wrong? Your company risks losing critical business.

Questions are the Answer

Baseball pitchers and salespeople both face the same question over and over: “What have you done for me lately?”

The better question for a sales manager to ask salespeople and for a baseball manager to ask players is, “What have I done to help you lately?”

Five Common Afflictions of Sales Teams

I’ve been a part of many sales teams in my career, and over and over I’ve noticed five common afflictions that affect them, each of which reduces morale and sales performance. They can be found to some degree in most almost every organization. Smart management teams are aware of these afflictions and work to avoid their potentially destructive impact. Any one occurrence of these problems will not necessary hurt the sales effort, but if allowed to progress to extremes, or if multiple conditions exist at once, they can be extremely harmful.