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What Happens When You Lead By Example

“I have people who will run through walls to get something done for Jerry.”

-- Pete DeRaps, area merchandizing manager, Sure Winner Foods

If you wish your team would work harder, produce better results and show initiative, start by looking in the mirror and ask yourself:

Inbound Marketing Leads: Better Payoff, Less Cost

Among companies with outbound marketing-dominated strategies — those that spend more than 50 percent of their lead-generation budgets on outbound marketing channels — the average CPL was $346 as of January 2012.

Three steps to increased innovation

Innovation and new ideas can’t just come from corporate leaders or the executive level.

Innovation must be an “all in” proposition, says business innovation consultant Stephen Shapiro ( He lays out three core steps to achieving that:

The Mind Plays Tricks on Salespeople

What sales really needs from marketing

Before she became a leading sales coach, author and consultant, Jill Konrath was a regional sales rep for a major computer maker whose office was in the same city as the company’s headquarters. Whenever a new product was introduced, marketing kicked off its road shows with Konrath and her colleagues.

Lessons learned from a father’s letters

Better meetings through technology

If you want to start your meeting with a twist that will raise some eyebrows, Jon Petz recommends trying this: “Hey everyone, please make sure your phones are out and on.”

Influencing the Decision to Win the Sale (Part 2)

Influencing the Decision to Win the Sale (Part I)

How does a done deal come undone? Your rep had a good relationship with a great contact, the right solution to meet the customer’s needs, and strong buying signals right up to the last. Then came the dreaded call: “Thank you for the proposal, but we’ve decided to go with someone else.”

So, what happened? Could this loss have been prevented?

Money Isn't Everything

At a time when companies need engaged leaders and other employees willing to exceed expectations without promise of immediate increased financial remuneration, a new wave of respected thought leaders, including McKinsey, Harvard Business Review, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Aberdeen, acknowledge the effectiveness and strategic business value of non-cash incentives.

Product Review - March

The generation of workers that proudly wore the sort of years-of-service pins that companies ordered by the gross has either retired or is about to. That’s not to say that younger workers aren’t proud of their companies and the things they achieve on the job. It’s just that they feel grown up and they’d like their recognition or rewards to reflect as much.

C’mon, Dave — who is the best sales trainer?

Reps aren’t the ones who need revving up!

You could have an endless budget to invest in training and it would only go so far if you and other frontline managers in your company aren’t invested personally in the process.

There’s a better way to select sales training