Are Your Salespeople Afraid?

I know, it sounds a bit silly. Afraid of what?

Well, here is the thing. In my experience, many salespeople are actually afraid of rejection. Why?

6 Ways to Use Call Analytics to Optimize Marketing and Sales

Marketers spend around $20 billion each year on Web and CRM analytics. That’s a lot of cash

Marketers know analytics ranging from website abandon rates and CTR, to conversion rates and even repeat visitors. But when the phone rings there is a fairly large black hole, void of rich analytics data. This is what call analytics providers seek to provide.

Make Monday Morning Meetings Count

Sales Strategies for Uncertain Times

Many companies have taken cost-cutting initiatives over the last few years. In uncertain times, some leaders carefully select their growth opportunities and position themselves to capture market share. Others optimize their sales force effectiveness to improve competitiveness.

Product Review - September

You’re aware of the benefits of giving business gifts at the holidays and you may have reasons of your own as well. It never hurts to review some of the more important gift-giving tips to maximize their effectiveness. We found these, oddly enough, at the website of the Journal of Dental Technology ( Smart gift-giving should put a smile on everyone’s face.

The Employee Engagement Enigma

Fay Beauchine has seen the concept of employee engagement and workplace motivation evolve. In tackling the duties of various executive positions at Minnesota-based Carlson Companies and before that Northwest Airlines, she has been on the front lines of improving employee performance.

No One Buys Price

When coming to an agreement about the value of your product or service to a prospect, dropping price is a shortcut to building value; it in no way enhances the value of your proposition and in some cases can actually devalue your offer.

Try this exercise:

Performance reviews come under review

Targeting Top Prospects

What Can and Cannot Be Controlled In Sales?


Thinking Your Way To Increased Sales

A recent headline from a McKinsey report on sales trends spoke volumes: “Customers want it all.”

Develop Me or I’m History

Even during challenging economic times, your best and brightest have options. Failing to help them grow can lead employees to take their talents elsewhere. They become “history.”

What Do You Do With Leads That Aren’t Ready to Buy?

What do you do with your leads?

That’s a question a lot of companies (including ours) grapple with.

What about the leads that aren’t ready to buy right now? What do you do with those?

How many leads are ready to buy now?