What's Your 'Le Grande Mac'?

The idea of the unique selling proposition (USP) isn’t new; it’s been around since the 1940s. But don’t brush it off as being out of date. This is a relevant and powerful tool for today’s marketing professional, CEO or Entrepreneur.

What If Confucius Tweeted Sales Tips?

Confucius taught the future business administrators of China’s emperors and ruling elite. As I read his sayings, I realized I was in fact reading a business book. Topics were recognizably modern business topics and certain individuals in his text consistently spoke in particular ways and on particular themes. One sounds like a finance director, another like a marketing director and so on.

6 Reasons Why Your Marketing Is Not Generating Sales

Your team is running an optimized PPC campaign. Your efforts on social media are producing leads. Your Google page rank is steadily increasing. You’re on the first page for a variety of pertinent keywords. Because you measure your Web traffic and your phone traffic closely, you know that your Web traffic is up and your marketing is generating phone calls.

How to Beat Your Top Competitor – The Status Quo

Your customers and prospects are crazy busy. The last thing they want to do is change the way they do things. There might be a better way, but what they're doing works. Remember: change is always disruptive.

Why you need a math nerd?

As we went to press with this issue, The Wall Street Journal reported in a front-page story that Orbitz Worldwide, the online travel company, discovered that people who browse its site using Mac computers spend as much as 30 percent more a night on hotels than people who search the site using PCs.

Failure is an option, but not when it’s due to self-imposed barriers

The nature of leadership is such that leaders are going to take risks and fail. An effective leader learns from failure and moves forward. But there are failures in leadership not associated with risk taking that can undermine and paralyze an organization.

What to do when you don’t know what to do

In a world where you can no longer plan or predict your way to success, what is the best way to achieve your goals?
Ask 1,001 headstrong managers that question and you might get 999 different answers. (There’s always a couple “what he said” types in the room.)

Smarketing starts with improved communication

Brian Whalley, SEO Manager of inbound marketing software specialist HubSpot, says “smarketing” is one of the biggest trends in business organization for 2012.
A key part of sales and marketing alignment is building strong communication between the two groups. His tips for improving communication include:

Soft skills can be hard to come by

If you’re a salesperson, and you are hungry for greater success, it’s important that you improve your soft skills to a point where they are equal to or greater than your product knowledge, says Jeffrey Gitomer (gitomer.com). Soft sales skills can be taught one of three ways:

Is solution selling dead or just misunderstood?

As a generic term, “solution selling” is perhaps more broadly recognized than any other among the dozens of sales approaches available today. That could be the primary reason why it has been under attack for years.

What would Confucius do?

“It continues to amaze me how relevant Confucius’ sayings are,” says Philip Lund, a New Zealand-born economist turned sales consultant who was educated at Harvard College and the London Business School.  “I was searching fo

Five rings of customer insight

“Know the customer,” is a mantra that many sales and marketing managers teach. It’s what the cover story in this issue is all about (page 42). It’s something near and dear to marketing consultant Adele Revella’s heart.

Are your reps lying to you?

Inc.writer Geoffrey James has news for sales managers: some of your reps lie to you.
If your reps are spinning any of these stories, they either can’t or won’t do their jobs well, James says.

Who you know does count

Good salespeople have always intuitively known that leveraging contacts to generate leads and close deals is a highly effective approach.

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