5 reasons your sales training fails

Based on observation and feedback from working with hundreds of executives and sales training participants within client organizations, Marketing Nous (marketingnous.com), an Australian-based sales training provider for technical and professional teams, identified five main causes of ineffective sales training:

Are you suffering from B.S.O.S.?

Save the speech for your awards banquet

Know what got you to your management role

“He who thinks he leads, but has no followers, is only taking a walk,” state John C. Maxwell and Steven R. Covey in “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.”

Dan Rockwell, who blogs under the nickname “Leadership Freak” (leadershipfreak.wordpress.com) recalls mentoring a young leader who was recognized for his work.

“Why did you receive this award?” Rockwell asked.

Teen flight from Facebook is good news for B2B marketers

If you have a teen-ager in the house, they’ve probably told you that Facebook is the new Myspace.

The importance of having a target

The parallels between parenting and management mistakes

Kathy Caprino, a contributor to Forbes.com, recently spoke with Tim Elmore, founder and president of Growing Leaders (growingleaders.com) about parenting behaviors that prevent children from growing into leaders. Some of the same mistakes may be made by managers when guiding their teams.

Create a b2b ‘mobile first’ strategy

Consumer marketers have taken the lead designing websites with the mobile experience in mind, but B2B companies would be wise to follow suit, says Matt Heinz, president of Seattle-based Heinz Marketing (HeinzMarketing.com).

Reduce bounce rate: 8 things to consider

For B2B marketers, reducing website bounce rates may be the equivalent of a new year’s resolution to lose weight.

Improving Lead Generation in Sales

Unlike the typical finance department, where the staff has the same educational and training focus, a sales department is often comprised of a variety of people. They completed varying amounts of higher education, worked in different industries or might have switched to sales after an earlier career path.

The One Leadership Secret You Can’t Ignore

I talk about 20 core leadership secrets in my executive coaching, speaking and writing. But if someone asked me to name only one that can make an immediate impact, I would pick the behaviors to counter setbacks.

The New Rules of Sales Execution: Stop Enabling and Start Executing

It is tougher than ever for sales teams to cut through the clutter and differentiate with prospects. But who can blame them?  Sales teams can’t find the right resources, so they spend less time selling than hunting for resources, which means lost opportunities - leading to overall poor sales performance. The facts regarding the buying environment and sales execution are startling:

A Sharp Focus on Basics Will Boost 2014 Results

2013 was one eventful year, indeed, and what with markets and businesses going on a 350-degree change of face, it has been noted that there will be still more changes coming up your sleeve. The world of business just might not be the same. It is essential that we stick to the basics though. The root from where the whole story of a business begins ultimately never changes.