Can you pass the Jimmy Buffett test?

Many businesses have begun to realize a rebound from the worst of the economic downturn, but employees are still at least a little on edge about the stability of the economy and the security  of their jobs. Robert Sutton, a professor of management science and engineering at Stanford University, and the author of “Good Boss, Bad Boss,” says the best managers instill predictability during scary times and make things “Sesame Street simple.”

A Timeless Gesture

I’ve got books of letters written by Georgia O’Keefe, Jack Kerouac, Richard Nixon and a book of letters exchanged between Jean Paul Sartre and his companion Simone de Beauvoir. Many of Hunter S. Thompson’s most entertaining rants came in his letters.

In today’s workplace R-E-S-P-E-C-T spells long-term success

Do organizations that do a better job of providing what employees want also create more satisfied customers?

Creating better managers through coaching

There’s a 90 percent chance you’re ineffective

There’s been a lot of talk about “1 Percenters” in political circles.

In business, the focus is on the “10 Percenters” after a study by European academics Heike Bruch and Sumantra Ghoshal revealed that only about 10 percent of managers take “decisive purposeful action” when necessary.

Telling Isn't Selling

CSI: Sales and Marketing

Landing big, new contracts is cause for celebration at most companies.

The ‘One Thing’ Management Approach

The advent of steam-powered machines, most notably locomotives, ushered in the Industrial Age nearly 200 years ago. The early leadership of railroads and other business enterprises was drawn largely from the ranks of the military. Not surprisingly, these top brass brought with them the hierarchical, authoritative leadership model that had served them well in their former military careers.

Putting the swagger back in sales

Matthew Dixon is Managing Director of the Corporate Executive Board’s Sales and Service Practice. Brent Adamson is Senior Director of the Sales Executive Council, a division of the Sales and Service Practice. Their book “The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation” was published in November 2011 by Portfolio/Penguin.

Meeting of the Minds


For Sales and Procurement, It’s Business As Usual

Despite three decades of experience, a history of “strategic” successes at select companies, and an abundance of technologies designed to support both disciplines, for the most part, sales and procurement continue to dwell on tactics.

Calling as a Competitive Weapon


Sales: The Least Time-Effective Process in All of Business


Making the sales process more time-effective is not easy because salespeople have so many unavoidable duties they must perform: call reports, expense reports, travel time, handling complaints, maintaining relationships… The list never ends.

2011 IMRA Directory

Breaking Down the Walls