Re-Engineering Your Revenue Supply Chain to Avoid the ‘Amazon Effect’

If you’re a salesperson, you know exactly what the “Amazon Effect” is – and how it feels when a competitor sweeps in and steals your business. To counter this macro change in buyer behavior, companies that rely on B2B sales are re-engineering their revenue supply chain. As with any supply chain, the trick to optimizing it is finding the constraints and removing them

How To Track and Validate Website Sales Leads By Marketing Channel

Online marketers should have every little scrap of data they can find when overhauling or fine-tuning their lead generation websites. There are times when the information they’re missing can be more important than the information they have.

Tech Brainpower at Your Fingertips

Testing and launching your brilliant ideas
Are you that business pro who just thought of this incredible way to get a load of new business?

The Other Second Cities

Team meetings provide great bonding moments, and I have enjoyed business travel with colleagues in Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas and New York. I have not been able to make recent events in San Antonio, Nashville and New Orleans, and that’s disappointing. These so-called second-tier cities offer unique experiences...

Get Clear On Your Vision, Get Clear On Your Sales

A powerful vision is both a compass and a rudder for sales and marketing teams. Yet it's shocking how many marketers and salespeople cannot answer the simple question, "Why does your business exist?"

4 Ways to Succeed in Sales Forecasting

Sales leaders admit that accurate and efficient sales forecasting is fundamental to making good business decisions. Here are four ways to get your company on-track to successful forecasting.

Why It’s Time to Rethink the ROI of Your Sales Training

The future of sales training is a model that connects with a majority millennial workforce, promotes continuous learning, and fosters engagement. It is a model where sales training events have been replaced with a skill-building environment where sales professionals can continuously learn and improve.

Need To Improve Sales? Invest In Your Sales Managers

In most organizations, frontline sales managers hold the most vital role. After all, they lead multiple people and influence everything from strategy and productivity to staff absenteeism and turnover. For this reason, to improve sales, you need to invest in your sales managers.

4 Customer Service Trends to Boost your Business

When organizations invite me to speak at their conferences or train their team members, we start with trends that are impacting their customer relationships. Here are four customer service trends along with some tips for capitalizing on them to boost your business.

Marketing strategies from the Grateful Dead

By cultivating a dedicated, active community, and giving away "freemium" content, the Grateful Dead pioneered many marketing concepts that are used by businesses across all industries today.

Handling the Gatekeeper and Engaging Executives

Prospecting is looking for people who aren’t looking. When you think about it, that also means there is no budget, so sellers should call high enough so that existing funds can be reallocated if the potential value is sufficient.

Five Ways Live Chat Can Increase Sales

Live chat sales and customer care are increasingly an essential tool to make the customer experience painless. Here are five good reasons to deploy live chat.

How to save the life of a tradeshow sales lead

Too often, potential sales leads are left to die a slow death on the showroom floor. Given the tremendous potential of tradeshows to produce high-quality sales leads, let’s highlight what a day in the life of a tradeshow sales lead should look like to deliver ROI.

Learning Gets a Necessary Jolt with Mobile Video

Mobile video has emerged as a preferred medium for businesses to address collaboration and learning challenges in distributed work environments.

5 Rules of Megavalue Selling

It is challenging to sell and differentiate value for any product or service, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Here are five rules of megavalue selling: