Burnout is also spreading

“COVID-19 is taking a toll on our minds and emotions in a million little ways,” says Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) President and CEO Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. “Now, more than ever, employers should double down against stigmas and guarantee employees know of the resources, benefits and accommodations available.”

SHRM offers these tips for employers:

1. Prioritize mental health in your benefits plan and remind employees of offerings that may be especially helpful. The majority of workers in the U.S. have access to mental health services through their employer, but many are not aware of it or how to access it.

2. Use tech­nol­ogy to offer mental health resources. Telehealth has exploded since the virus outbreak. Affordable services are available for employers to add to their benefits menu.

3. Stay in touch. Simple check-ins via phone calls, Zoom meetings, emails and all of the usual ways you communicate with your team can help them stay on task, reassure them they play an important role in the company and help them feel their job is secure.

4. Offer emotional support. Genuine emotional support from a supervisor has been shown to increase employee commitment, improve performance and decrease anxiety.


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