5 tips to maximize ROI from networks

Paul Nolan

Few sales managers and reps excel without networking. There is a formula to making sure you get in front of the best people in any business group, says David V. Lorenzo, author of “The 60-Second Sale.” He offers these five steps to maximizing ROI from a business networking group:

1. Lead or get out

Leaders build credibility and have high visibility. Find a way to lead as quickly as possible, and don’t stop until you become president of the entire organization.

2. Do good and be seen doing good

Volunteer for community outreach on behalf of your organization. Become the group spokesperson or offer to write a column that appears in the local newspaper on behalf of the organization.

3. Start a subgroup

It can be effective and valuable to start a subgroup based on targeted clientele. This group may have similar clients and can pass referrals and organize strategic alliance partnerships.

4. Become best friends with professional staff

Staff members of large groups like chambers of commerce are plugged into everything that is happening. Endear yourself to the professional staff and they will make sure you are introduced to everyone you need to know.

5. Recruit people into the organization

Serving on the recruiting committee helps the organization grow and you will get to meet anyone new who joins. This provides an opportunity to determine if they will be a good prospective client or a potential evangelist.