Certified in record time: a sales training success story

Paul Nolan

Late last year, Medtronic Surgical Innovations had a new product to sell that required the certification of more than 350 salespeople in North America with an aggressive timeline —  roughly 90 days. The group considered one-to-one training, but given the tight timeline and the fact that it coincided with the end of the year and related holidays, it determined that it simply wouldn’t be possible.

Medtronic was already using a just-in-time sales learning platform from Allego. The Surgical Innovations group took advantage of Allego’s fast-track deployment service and completed training on the use of the platform for 275 people over a two-week period using a train-the-trainer approach and conference calls. Group trainers produced reusable best-practice training videos that were distributed via Allego. Reps logged onto the platform to view and study the content, and then produced and uploaded their own videos that managers reviewed. Eighty percent of the reps were certified by the deadline and the rest were certified within an additional 30 days.

By avoiding travel and training costs, increasing sales productivity and accelerating the time to sales performance, Medtronic Surgical Innovations estimates its return on investment from this single use of Allego’s platform to be 243 percent.