Does Sales Compensation Have to Be So Complicated?

Mark Schopmeyer
Mark Schopmeyer

Mark Schopmeyer, co-founder and co-CEO of sales commission software company CaptivateIQ, says sales compensation plans don’t have to be the headache they are for many companies. And they certainly shouldn’t drag on company culture and morale. We talk about how sales leaders can better communicate changes to compensation plans and structure commissions so they are clear, fair and motivating. If you have sales compensation questions that aren’t addressed in this episode, we’d love to hear them. Email and we’ll have Mark back on.


  • Paul Nolan

    Paul Nolan is the editor of Sales & Marketing Management.

  • Mark Schopmeyer

    Mark Shopmeyer, is the co-founder and co-CEO of sales commission software startup CaptivateIQ. CaptivateIQ is pioneering the new standard in commission management and enabling companies to reclaim the power of incentives with a platform built for growth.

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