TikTok-Like Videos Have Multiple Applications

While Zoom and Teams have proven useful for video meetings, businesses are adopting other means of incorporating video into their everyday communication and workflow. Wyzowl, a provider of animated explanation videos, reports that 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.

It’s an ideal time for companies to recognize the multiple uses of short videos. One great way to start is to use insights garnered from TikTok’s playbook, says Sean Gordon, founder and CEO of vidREACH, a personalized video email and sales engagement platform.

Video engagement requires seconds, not minutes.
Attention spans are shorter than they have ever been. Quick, visually appealing bursts are better at grabbing and maintaining attention while providing information and entertainment. This approach doesn’t have to be restricted to social media. Video engagement works in emails, on websites and in e-newsletters.

Videos open the door to deeper connections.
By utilizing the personality aspect video has to offer, trust and connection can be built quicker and more effectively with customers, prospects and channel partners. They put personality into your message, allowing the chance to put a face with a name or showcase things you are most proud of, like company culture initiatives or the brains behind your new product.

Video has team-building applications.
Managers and HR leaders can use video for recruiting or training initiatives, to elaborate on your company’s mission or kick off an incentive program. In the current remote work environment, video can help companies build camaraderie by fostering stronger relationships.  


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