How to Keep Your Sales Kickoff Energy from Fizzling

Motivation Insiders

Sales kickoffs can be an effective way to generate enthusiasm at the beginning of the year. These events, often held at an offsite location in January, provide an opportunity to reinforce effective sales tactics and introduce new product lines, new tech tools, or new sales processes. Salespeople can depart from a multiday kickoff event with high energy and even higher confidence, only to have that evaporate soon after. In this episode, we talk with two leaders of incentive program providers about the science behind keeping the energy and enthusiasm generated by sales kickoffs going throughout the year.


  • Paul Nolan

    Paul Nolan is the editor of Sales & Marketing Management.

  • Carl MacDonald

    Carl MacDonald has solidified his reputation as a standout leader in the field of incentive marketing, with a career that spans nearly two decades in this dynamic industry. Carl’s unique approach to incentive program design consistently places human-centric perspectives at the forefront. His proficiency lies in tailoring programs that not only achieve his clients' objectives but also significantly differentiate them from their competitors. His dedication to helping clients succeed is apparent in his role at VIBE SMG Inc., where he leads the customer success team.

  • Paul Haynes

    For over 25 years, Paul has developed and managed global teams, key client relationships, and strategic partnerships around the world. Paul enjoys leveraging his expertise in global employee engagement, rewards programs, loyalty, and incentive programs. Paul has worked with some of the world's most recognized brands, developing robust global employee engagement, consumer and channel programs. He is passionate about helping companies motivate and engage people to improve business results using a variety of strategies, solutions and services. Paul is Executive Vice President of the Americas for Xoxoday.

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