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Sales & Marketing Podcasts are designed to keep you informed and provide ideas and strategies to teach and inspire sales leaders to apply best practices in coaching and leadership with the ultimate goal of cultivating and retaining top sales talent and driving sales.

Douglass Cole

How Do We Evolve the Modern B2B Sales Team?

Douglas Cole, enterprise sales leader at LinkedIn Sales Solutions, says changing trends in B2B customers, connection and workplace culture are key areas today's sales leaders should be focused on. In this podcast episode, we dive deeper into points he covered in an article he wrote.
Martin G. Moore

No Bullsh!t Leadership

Martin G. Moore says it's an unspoken truth in the corporate world that there aren't that many good leaders at the top of organizations, but he has some ideas on how to fix that.
Barry Magee

Turning the Lights On Revenue-Generating Bottlenecks

Citrix executive Barry Magee explains that incorporating D&B's Rev.Up ABX software program into their existing processes was not so much about giving people data, but rather transforming how they worked.
Jake Miller and Jonathan Carlson

State of Conversational Intelligence

Only 16% of buyers say that sellers convey value effectively when selling virtually. Jonathan Carlson and Jake Miller of Allego explore the rapidly evolving world of conversation intelligence - how sales leaders can provide reps with personalized recommendations for content follow-ups and learning.
Gino Palozzi

Smart Deployment of Marketing and Sales Technology In B2B Sales

Personalizing the B2B sale while being mindful of new privacy laws that are coming, and how to deal with the proliferation of marketing technology and revenue technology tools. A discussion with Gino Palozzi, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Dun & Bradstreet.

Work Made Fun Gets Done

Author Bob Nelson and Mario Tamayo, two guys who have decades of experience in maximizing employee performance, explain how leaders can bring fun and low-cost fun into the workplace and why that is so important. An SMM webinar-turned-podcast.

3 Questions That Should Be Asked After Every Sales Training

These three questions help sales teams become more acclimated to the sales application process after sales training has been completed. The questions position a sales leader to ask one final question that drives greater acceptance of sales coaching and feedback.
Shawn Finder

The Must Have’s for Your Tech Stack

In this SMM webinar-turned-podcast, Shawn Finder, founder of sales automation software company Autoklose, reviews the top technology tools for growing business long term, from the top-of-the-funnel stage to closing deals.
Tim Hagen

Sales Enablement Evolved

Like it or not, some aspect of virtual sales is here permanently. Wayne St. Amand and Bob Basiliere of virtual learning platform provider Allego discuss how sales enablement must adapt to that reality. Hint: It involves AI.
Virtual Coaching

Adapting Your Coaching to Meet a Changing Sales Environment

In-person meetings are happening, but McKinsey states that 40% of B2B sales will remain virtual, at least for now. Are you adapting your coaching so sales reps will be ready for any selling situation, be it virtual, in-person or a hybrid approach?

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