How Generative AI Will Transform B2B Sales

Adnan Zijadic

Generative AI, which many consider the most impactful technology introduced in the last decade or more, is being adapted for almost every aspect of our lives. In B2B sales, if your CRM software doesn’t already incorporate generative AI, it will soon.

In this episode, we speak with Gartner Director Analyst Adnan Zijadic, who predicts that 60% of B2B seller work will be executed through conversational user interfaces via generative AI sales technologies by 2028, up from less than 5% currently.

“Sales operations leaders and their technology teams must prepare for the convergence of new forms of artificial intelligence, dynamic process automation and reinvented deal-planning activities,” Zijadic states.

We asked him what that looks like and who takes ownership of it.

Episode Notes: Zijadic’s report, “Multidimensional CRM: How GenAI will Revolutionize Sales Force Automated Platforms,” is available only to Gartner clients. A decent summary of the main points is available in this press release.

I also mention in my introduction to this episode that I came across a list of books recommended by former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman that includes several on sales and leadership. That list can be found here.


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