Dan Gottlieb on ChatGPT’s Use In B2B Sales

Dan Gottlieb

ChatGPT has dominated the headlines in 2023, but for all the press it has received, few people truly have a grasp on what it means for B2B sales and marketing. Dan Gottlieb, senior director analyst in the Gartner for Sales practice, admits he’s hustling to stay ahead of the impact of ChatGPT and similar AI-powered technology.

In an article written for SMM entitled “4 Things Sales Leaders Should Know About ChatGPT,” Gottlieb states, “ChatGPT augments but does not replace seller creativity and judgment. The technology will not replace sellers; workers that know how to use AI effectively will.”

Gottlieb says all sales leaders should have this technology on their radar as a potential way to improve sales productivity.  In this podcast episode, he explains how ChatGPT may impact B2B sales.


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