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Your Future in the New Reality of the Next Thirty Years

November 2022

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Meet Serial Entrepreneur and Visionary Ben Lytle

Entrepreneur and futurist Ben Lytle says transformational disruptions to how we work -- and how we manage workers -- are coming. For proactive managers, it's an opportunity to assemble highly successful teams.

How to Future-Proof Your Sales & Marketing Strategy

Learn more about (and register for) Ben Lytle's free webinar on "How to Future-Proof Your Sales & Marketing Strategy."

How To Empower Your Company With Superhero Leadership

Seven new-world realities that managers must be conscious of to thrive in the changing workplace.

New Technology Presents New Opportunities In Customer Experience

Six characteristics that will help determine whether any organization will prosper in the ultracompetitive customer experience landscape.

Becoming Journey Orchestrators for a Personalized B2B Experience

B2B salespeople are increasingly important as "journey orchestrators" who customize the buyer experience in ways that develop deeper relationships and greater customer loyalty.

Future B2B Relations Will Require Open Channels

B2B suppliers of the future will have to employ an omnichannel approach in order to maintain their relationships with customers.

Zoom Into The Future of 3d Virtual Meetings

Technology is changing not only the jobs being conducted and the training necessary for those jobs, but the manner in which we collaborate across teams.

Will Entrepreneurship Replace Traditional Careers?

More workers in the coming years are bound to choose entrepreneurial careers over traditional employment. Here's what that entrepreneurial mindset will mean for employers.

It’s A Whole New Branding Ballgame

Brand impressions open or close doors, and sales reps will have an increased impact on what type of impression is made.

Specialized Training is Key to Workforce Retention

Younger workers are more concerned about getting sufficient training from their employer.

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