Technology’s Role in Incentive Campaigns

Motivation Insiders

Perhaps one of the most important “arms races” in business today is to have the right technology in place to outperform (or at least keep pace with) competitors. That definitely applies to how you communicate with your employees and channel partners, and how you recognize their achievements.

Incentive and engagement solution providers offer software platforms that are proven to increase the engagement of program participants, improve ROI, and enhance the overall experience of incentive, recognition and consumer loyalty programs. In the latest episode of “Motivation Insiders,” we speak with Chris Galloway of Brandmovers and Adam Small of Global Reward Solutions about how technology is helping companies stand out when motivating and rewarding top performers.


  • Paul Nolan

    Paul Nolan is the editor of Sales & Marketing Management.

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  • Chris Galloway

    Chris Galloway is Executive Vice President, Strategy & Design, for Brandmovers, Inc., and Board Vice President of the Incentive & Engagement Solution Providers.

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  • Adam Small

    Adam Small is vice president of client success at CarltonOne Engagement, where he leads the Global Reward Solutions division. With nearly 20 years of strategic and tactical experience in the incentive, reward and recognition industries, Adam helps clients design and execute powerful engagement initiatives that increase performance and deliver results.

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